Juggling: Is possible in the large gym, on the lawn in front of the gym and at the lawn adjacent to the camping site.
Sleeping: There is a wonderful beach for camping, but unfortunately no sleeping hall; So please bring tents and sleeping bags with you.
Gym: Access to the gym only with white shoe soles or without shoes.
Unicycle: Access to the gym only with white tyres.
Food: Daily breakfast is included in the registration fee. Warm food for moderate prices will be available at the convention area. In addition there are hot-dog stands, a canteen and a supermarket close by.
Beverages: Are sold cheaply at the venue.
Dogs: Are not allowed at the venue.
Cars and Caravans: Are not allowed at the venue. Unloading of luggage at the camping site is not possible. Parking is available outside of the venue (walking distance ca. 700 Meter).
Fire: No open fire is allowed on the venue, but there will be a special place for fire jugglers.
Registration and payment: Please transfer the money within 7 days after registration. Registrations not been paid will be canceled after 14 days. If you still want to attend the convention, a new registration is necessary.If you are not able to transfer the money for some reasons, please contact
Cancellation: You can cancel your registration within 14 days after registration, please contact not used will expire without substitution.
Gala tickets: There are weekend tickets with and without gala show ticket. Gala show tickets only while stock lasts.
Volunteer jobs: Are indispensable for the convention. Everybody is requested to do a one hour volunteer job in addition to the registration fee.
Start and end of the convention: The convention starts on Thursday at 3 pm and ends on Sunday at 3 pm. Unfortunately earlier arrival or later departure is not possible.
Temporary Badge: As in previous years, each participant is given a temporary bath. If you have registered for a helper job at the “Arbeitsamt”, it will be exchanged for the right convention badge.
Badge: Every participant of the convention gets a “Badge”. The badge is your admission ticket; by request it is to be shown at any time. The badge is like money in cash! There is no replacement in the event of loss. We recommend writing your name on the badge.
Minors: Only in company of a parent or a legal guardian. We will not supervise minors. Parents have to sign a letter of agreement.
Liability: Participation is on your own risk. There is no liability and supervision of minors.

Instructions for the temporary badge